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CSC 143
Computer Programming for Engineers and Scientists

Sample programs shown in class

To download the programs, right click on the links and select Save Link As... (netscape) or Save Target As... (explorer). These sample programs have been developed by the UW CS department.

Review of classes: BankAccount.java, BankAccountTest.java

Interfaces: Customer.java, OrdinaryCustomer.java, PreferredCustomer.java

Programming by contract: StringList.java, StringListWithPreAndPost.java



Animal.java, Cat.java, Dog.java

BankAccount.java, RegularAccount.java, CheckingAccount.java, SavingsAccount.java


Equals, clone and toString:

Car.java, FancyCar.java, TestCar.java


Using Swing:

Face.java, FaceTest.java

BallSim.zip (Model, View)

MainClass.java, ButtonListener.java, GraphicsWindow.java (event handling, inner classes)


Threads: (powerpoint slides)

A first thread example: ThreadName.java

The same example using the Runnable interface: ThreadNameWithRunnable.java

An example of the uncontrolled concurrent execution of 2 threads: BadConcurrency.java

Using synchronization: TestSenderReceiver.java, Buffer.java, Sender.java, Receiver.java



GeneratingAnException.java, CheckInput.java, UsingExceptions.java, TracingExceptions.java, CatchException.java



DownloadFile.java (copy to your computer any internet file), FileCopy.java (copy a text file), InputOutput.java (a review of I/O, use of System.in)