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CSC 143
Computer Programming for Engineers and Scientists

Homework: how it is graded, how to turn it in

The maximum number of points for an assignment will vary depending on the difficulty of the assignment. Here is how the points are given:

  • 50% for a working program. A working program executes properly. It should reasonably solve the problem of the assignment.
  • 20% for style. Style includes documentation (javadoc comments), program layout (indentation…), names of variables…
  • 30% for creativity. . Some solutions are more elegant and complete than others. This part of the grade reflects the method and care used to tackle the problem.
  • The above percentages might change if a written report is part of the assignment.
  • You can turn in your work up to two days late. Each late day will result in a loss of 15% on the assignment.


Turning in your homework

Use the turn-in page and follow the instructions there.


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