Homework 4 - 20 points

Let the adventure begin


The purpose of this assignment is to gain experience with the following topics:

Your mission in this assignment is to write a simple text-based adventure game (details). This assignment was designed by Eric Roberts from Stanford University.

Starter files: AdvCommand.java, Adventure.java, AdvMotionCommand.java, AdvMotionTableEntry.java, AdvObject.java, AdvRoom.java, adventurestub.jar

Text files: CrowtherObjects.txt, CrowtherRooms.txt, Crowthersynonyms.txt, SmallObjects.txt, SmallRooms.txt, SmallSynonyms.txt, TinyRooms.txt

or all at once Adventure.zip



Add to your project the file AdventureTest.java, and the text files SmallTest.txt, and CrowtherTest.txt.

Make sure that the code in your Adventure class uses the field scan for any input from the console. Test your code by running main in AdventureTest.java. The program should start printing all the actions corresponding to the commands listed in SmallTest.txt. It will end by having the player fall into a pit. The program continues with the list of all of the actions in CrowtherTest.txt. It will lead to a successful completion of the game.

Individual evaluation report (should be typed and turned in on Canvas)

Evaluate this project:


Good Luck and start early!