Homework Turn-in

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2. What did you think of this homework?

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How long did you spend on this assignment?

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How did you find the homework instructions?

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What did you think of the sample file provided to get you started?

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What did you think of the help provided

Did this homework illustrate the concepts covered in class and practiced in lab?

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Overall, how would you rate this homework assignment?

General Comments

In particular, if I were to give this same assignment in the future, how could I improve it?

3. Where is your program?

Click the browse button to select your program (it must be a file with a .java extension )

Make sure that you turn in the correct version of your program. Don't forget any files. You will be graded on what you turn in.



4. Are you ready to turn it in?

Surgeon General Warning:

Every time you turn in a program, any program that you have previously submitted is automatically deleted (as well as any previous answers to the feedback questions if you didn't check the checkbox in part 2). This might happen even if the turn in is unsuccessful. If you get any error message, resubmit your program.

You can turn-in your program as many times as you wish.

Always make sure that your last submission ends with a message telling you that the submission was successful. Print a copy of that message for your records.

If there is no response immediately, please try to be patient for a few minutes. If you want to back out and try again, hit the Stop button on the tool bar; please don't press the TURN IN button again until you've done this.

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